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    Default Rod blanks for sale CHEAP!!

    Still cleaning here and came across some other stuffs you all might be interested in. These are brand new just been sitting on them for a while and not doing anything with them.

    1. I have 1 ARE 8'6" 4wt 3pc fly rod blanks in a glossy dark green color. I'll let these go 30 each shipped or 50 for the pair shipped

    2. I have 3 ARE 6" ultra light 2pc spinning rod blanks dark glossy green color. I don't remember why I purchased these but I did and here they have sat for 3-4 yrs now and need a new home where they can be appreciated and or collect dust (just no longer at my house) will let these go for 30 each shipped or 70 for the three shipped

    3. I have 2 ARE 6'6" ultra light 2pc spinning rod blanks glossy dark green color. I bought these to build a heavier weight (7wt or 8wt) short bassin' fly rod for some ponds I fish that are pretty tight but have huge bass. it did work but i busted it rather quickly shutting it in the truck door. I can't remember what it came out to (think it was a light 7wt.) just don't have the time nor the desire to build another one like it and have to many other rod projects right now with ice fishing going and all I'll be busy for a good long while now. Anyhow I'll let these go for 30 each shipped or 50 for the both of them to your door.

    If you want or need pictures let me know and I'll get them taken and to you. I will be shipping them in PVC tube, I have never had an issue shipping them this way but if you would like them insured we can work that out I am sure. Any other questions feel free to ask and I'll do all I can to answer them. If you want them all let me know and I'll work out a heck of a deal for you.

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