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    Running a business where you give away your product makes it difficult to determine if what you are doing is really valuable. Fly Anglers On Line is just such a business. Our product is information and we give it away free to anyone that wants to take it. We fund this endeavor by convincing advertisers; we call them sponsors, to pay us to advertise their products on our site. Over time we have been relatively successful at convincing enough sponsors that we were worthy of their advertising dollars to allow us to pay the bills each month, but the question is always raised about our readership. A person that pays a yearly subscription fee indicates the value of the service when they renew their subscription. Unlike hard copy magazines we don?t sell subscriptions and our only way of determining our 'readership' is by looking at how many 'hits' the web site gets, how long they stay, and where the hits are coming from.

    My question to FAOL readers is what is this web site worth to you? You can do us a huge favor if you could post an answer to that question. You can do this by placing a dollar value on our services, an emotional value, or whatever but we would really like to know.

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