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    A few months into winter at this point, I've been mostly working on my bottom dredgers - stoneflies, caddis, big GRHE. I need some relief, and hopefully you do too. I need thoughts of springtime and splashy rises to big mayflies taking a long time to dry off their wings after emergence - conveyor belts of bugs feeding giddy trout, happy to have held over. To help us ease the pain of winter, let's do some nice big, bushy Catskill dries, accurate proportions and all. There is a good book or two on this stuff, and a few DVDs. Order your blue dun capes and woodduck flank.

    I'll PM my address individually.

    Signed up for 2010 are:

    1. John R - "Catskill" - Received
    2. branhap - Light Cahill - RECEIVED
    3. sanctyphillia - quill gordon - COMPLETE
    4. ibrb - Light Hendrickson (it is good!) - Received
    5. Texfly - Bivisible - RECEIVED
    6. bdesavage - Katterman RECEIVED
    7. Cal E. Batis - Dun Variant
    8. FISHNFOOL9 - Dark Dun - RECEIVED
    9. Gigmaster - Grey Wulff - RECEIVED
    10. Sjo - Dark Cahill - RECEIVED
    11. Cliff Austin
    12. tannaya -
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