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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty Hiner View Post
    Eddie, Eddie, Eddie .... you really need to come up here some time! You'd be totally surprised at the landscape! And the fishing!

    Betty, except for the pile of mine spoil, Baxter Springs, KS was flatter than most of the parking lots in Nashville. That is how it was the last time I spent any time in that part of the world.

    I readly acknowledge that not all of Kansas is that flat. Hence I stated that I don't know about Lawrence. BTW, I have a trout-fishing co-worker from Kansas. HE is the one who told me that there aren't any trout(s) in Kansas... and.. um.. South Dakota...
    Oh, <mumble><mumble> fibbilating Kansas fisher-types...

    Take care,

    P.S. Oh, and Ldice, pleeeeeease don't sic Miss Betty. Pleeeeeeeeeaze don't do that to me. And don't throw Br'er Rabbit in that briar patch neither, ya hear?
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