BBW: I haven't been over to the Little Red in a few months. I will see what I can find in the way of up to date reports and pm you.

Tom: We are actually working on re-doing the site, so check back for the new one. Here are some links to the flies you are asking about.

Slump Buster
I tie mine a bit more fuzzy, but this gives you the general idea. It can be manipulated in alot of different ways.....both in tying and fishing.

This is a good fly to mimic a wide range of insects. I keep a few different sizes in the box.

Zoo Cougar
This is a Kelly Gallop pattern. I am a huge fan of his streamer patterns. He is extremely innovative. I tend to make mine a tad bushier than the one in the picture.....but the joy of fly tying is subjectivity.