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    Default Swap of the Month - November

    The theme for the November swap is Caddis Larva. With winter rapidly approaching, I was reminded of my need to restock the nymph box with weighted case caddis and figured this would be a good opportunity to share the pattern. Let me know if you need help, but fair game is a wide net: case, net spinner, czech, peeping, even pupa and soft hackle are OK with me.

    Here's the list - only 12 as ol' blue has stepped out for the remainder of the year. Let me know what you are tying, and I will add your fly to the list.

    1. John R -- green caddis larva - received
    2. Gigmaster -- MCL (Minute Caddis Larvae) - received
    3. Cal E. Baetis -- olive caddis larva - received
    4. FISHINFOOL9 -- czech nymph - received
    5. nyfisherman --
    6. ibrb -- Woven Caddis Larva -- received
    7. DManley -- hanging from a tree (helmer creek caddis) - received
    8. sanctyphillia -- swisher case caddis - done
    9. sjo -- rock worm larva - received
    10. texfly -- received
    11. Ben -- #12 bead head pupa in green - received
    12. greenock -- diawl bachs -- received

    PM me for my address when you are ready.

    Good luck,
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