This year for the first time I plan to go with stocking foot waders and wading boots.

I need help in type of boots to select.

I do a lot of back country hiking to get to some fo my fishing holes and to explore new creeks and lakes.
Some of the rivers I fish have very smooth round rock bottoms. These rock are slippery and at mid summer a little too slimmy with algea.

O.K. if I get felt soles, will these boot bottoms hold up to a lot of back woods hiking?

I have noticed a rubber cleat sole, will this type of sole hold like the felt sole on slippery surfaces? Looka like a good hiking sole to me.

My boot foot waders are lug soles and they don't give my the grip I need on slippery rock bottoms.
I have taken a few too many nasty falls and have to make a change.

Thank You -Yaf