This thread brought back some great memories. Tying fliies in my buddy's basement on eagle claw hooks held in his dad's bench vise using pipe cleaners and mom sewing thread for materials. I guess you have to start somewhere.

My folks bought me a Universal ?rotary?vise somewhere back in the early 70's
We lived in the next town over from the Universal factory. I still have it and it served me well from my teen years through to my 40's.

But after 30 or so years it had served it's owner well and was retired in favor of a Renzetti Traveler. A well built serviciable vice that meets all my needs. Perhaps a little small and a bit light-weight but it is a ?traveler?after all.

I have my eye on the Renzetti 2000 perhaps the one in the black finish. That falls into the want more than need category.

Thanks for the memories.