After reading posts from many people here, on the subject of vise in various threads, I'm certain there are opinions on nearly every brand of vise on the market.

How about sharing the pro's and con's from the tyers point of view on what you have tied on and why, or why not, you like or dislike any particular vise. Features that you like or prefer etc. or if you just like the looks of it.

I started on the vise from a Cabelas Standard kit and after a year or so, upgraded to a "$25 Deluxe Master Vise" from Jann's. It worked fine for several years until I had time to see what was out there. Then I got a chance to get a new Griffen Montana Mongoose for $110. (retailed at $175 at the time, now $199). The Mongoose is true rotational, fully adjustable, came with pedestal & c-clamp bases, adjustable material spring, bobbin hanger and post extender (for c-clamp), and even came with a hackle gauge and ceramic bobbin. I'm not saying it's the best, but after three years, I've tied #18 to 3/0 flies with no problems. The range is #28 to 4/0. For the now $200 range I'm sure there are others on the market that rival this.

The Blackfoot Mongoose is the same vise with only the c-clamp base and current retail in the $145 range.

The Nor Vise is cool in the way it spins on bearings, and the demo I saw, you could bend the hook in half and it didn't slip. This trick is irrelevant, in the fact that even Kevlar thread will break before it bends the hook down that far, or it will slice your finger open after shearing off any material with that much pressure. That's IF your bobbin is till in one piece. As long as the vise holds the hook past the breaking point of 3/0 thread (the heaviest thread 99% will ever tie with) is all the pressure you need anything else is good for what? To show your vise can hold a hook while you bend it in half?