Just got done with boy scout duty, and was reminded of one of my favorite recipes for the dutch oven. Very easy, and is a great one for people new to dutch oven cooking. Not to mention that it is DELICIOUS.


Line a dutch oven with foil. Not necessary for the recipe, but you'll thank me when you get ready for cleanup. Second, add 2 cans of peach pie filling in the bottom. Third, add the contents of one box of white cake mix on top of the filling. Last, slice 1 stick of butter/margarine and distribute evenly along the top of the cake mix. Cover and put on a layer of coals, with a layer of coals on top as well. Done in 20 minutes or so, depending on coal type.

Feel free to improvise here. Any fruit filling will work. Try cherry filling with chocolate cake. Or apple with spice cake. They all come out great. Peach seems to be the favorite in general, but we have some who prefer the spice apple, and cherry is hard to beat, too.