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Thread: Stolen Rods/Reels in Central Newfoundland

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    Default Stolen Rods/Reels in Central Newfoundland

    Just for the slim hope that any information is available. Myself and two friends from university decided to take some time from school to go salmon fishing for the weekend on the Exploits River in Bishops Falls, NL. We tented in a place called Fallsview Park right next to the river. We had three fishing outfits stolen from our camp site at around 4 am. Others in the park said there were two guys snooping around the sites and getting into trucks. The rods and reels were stolen in the morning on July 18th.

    The three outfits are

    Sage Launch 2 pc. Rod 9 foot 8 wt
    Teten Tioga Reel black 8LA
    Black Streamside 2 pc. Rod 9 foot 9 wt Black
    Sage 1880 reel
    Brown Streamside 2 pc. Rod 9 foot 9 wt
    Compaq Reel looks exactly like a Pfluger Medalist 9/10 wt

    It is really awful that someone would do this, it almost ruined our trip but we didn't let it. However we are all thinking about how we will get equipment to be able to finish the season.

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