Yes, what a gift we truly have been given. It's a shame that so many forget about that gift until tragedy hits our lives. And I am one of the guilty ones.

Five years ago my stepdaughter was taken to Idaho to live with her mother. When she left she hung a silver cross from the mirror in my truck. One week later I was on the way to the hospital to see my mother and was hit head on by a lady who was out to kill herself. State Police estimate she was doing in excess of 125 miles per hour when she hit me. I left the hospital that night on my own two feet. The paramedics and the doctors said it was a miracle I survied that accident. I don't know if that cross hanging in my truck had anything to do with it, but it did bring back my faith in that special Gift that we recieved so long ago. When I was able I went to the wrecking yard that had my truck and that cross was still hanging on the mirror. It is hanging from the mirror in my new truck, and each and every day I get in it I grasp it in my hand and thank him for all he is and all he has done for me.

Yes Deanna, He is a great gift. And He has given me a great gift of a second chance at life.