Last night JC and I attended a wonderful concert in Seattle. We've had the tickets since last April! It is the 2nd concert by the Andre Rieu Orchestra we have attended, the previous one a couple of years ago in Vancouver BC. The Key Arena was sold out.
It is quite an effort for us to attend one on a Sunday, since that is our 'put up the new issue night' and I'll confess I'm much too old to be heading for bed at 3:00 AM...but it was worth it. He has another performance here next year, Oct. 22 '06 and we plan to attend that one too.

If you ever have a chance to go, by all means do it. This is not the old, stodgy classical concert, but very lively with a lot of fun built in. If you love music, don't miss it.

The world-wide schedule of concerts and ticket information is listed here: [url=][/url:5ae2f]

By the way, I had an opportunity at the previous concert to ask if he was a fly fisher. He isn't, but he is a avid tennis player.

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