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    I agree with everthing eight thumbs had to say about your predicament.

    I would offer this suggestion to any first time bamboo rod buyers.
    Please study and research bamboo rods and makers before you take the plunge. Do not be in a hurry. Please remember that there are many, many, great bamboo fishing rods out there that are used, but not abused. You do not have to have a new rod to have a really good fishing rod. I speak from experience! Most of the time you can find a better taper for less than the cost of most new rods. As for the offshore rods and blanks......well, I'm not going to go there! As a plus, fishing with a rod that may easily be 70 years old will give you a new perspective on the silent sport!

    Look at Granger, Heddon, Orvis, some South Bends, and others for an introductory rod into bamboo. Learn what to look for in a good fishable rod and the questions to ask of the seller.

    Visit the Classic Fly Rod Forum and don't be reluctant to ask questions and post a "wanted to buy" when you have decided what rod you want to fish.
    Or post it here, or ask questions here, before you make a mistake with a not so reputable seller.

    Bamboo rods are my passion. ........poor bamboo rods and dealers in them are my gall!

    Beware, bamboo rods can become a very consuming passion!!!!!

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    When you can arrange your affairs to go fishing, forget all the signs, homilies, advice and folklore. JUST GO.

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