If your shopping for a bamboo fly rod don't buy from a guy who's name is Ken. the Rod company name is Otter Creek Custom Rods. The rod shows up with a cork large enough for a 8wt 10' rod on a 7'-2" 4wt and I ask him about it he says well thats how I make them. Well I take it to a rod builder in my own area to have him turn before he's even touched the rod he calls me up and says the rod is pourly built has a crooked reel seat 1/4" off from being built. Well I email the builder and all he has to say is tough it's your rod. This is his ebay moniker so you can avoid the problems I have now. kenb8437 avoid this pour quality rod builder and do yourself a favor if you know this guy say hey what's the deal? Can't stand behind your work? He builds in Coopersville MI