When i first started out FF I began by self-learning all the basics on casting and have slowly progressed... short, roll, reach, steeple, single haul, double haul etc. (Double haul is a work in progress but coming along.) I can currently throw about 60ft comfortaby and accurately before mechanics start to fall apart.

I often fish warm-water, larger lakes and rivers from the bank, and when blind casting would like to cover more water or reach particular areas from shore that the only way I can put a fly on the spot is with a good long cast (submerged blow downs, weed beds, cruising pods of carp etc)

I have been through all of the great casting info on this site, and was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a good resource (book, dvd, etc) that they have used to add some length to their cast. I would like to add 15 to 20 feet if I could.

I practice a couple of times a week, and do not have any local knowledge resource available to me (instructor, club). Thanks for any input you can throw my way!