Watching the video. Kewl, a little tight, but still kewl. I brought back a similar situation from last summer when I was fishing the Chandeleur Islands, off Louisiana. We were drifting in about 6 ft of gin clear water when I hooked a 7# speckled trout. Nice fight, but after a minute or so, the fish started to act much different. The fish ran straight at the boat and then went back out a bit. All of a sudden, as the trout is hauling tail across our wake, I see what had him so nervous...a bull shark, similar size to the one in your video. When it appeared that the trout was going to be sushi, it immediately dove for the bottom and buried itself in the grass, just as the shark passed right over it. It was then that I screwed the drag down, pulled the trout plus 4 or 5 lbs of the bottom up with it and snatched it into the boat. The shark made several passes over the spot the speck dove and gave our boat a couple of good looks and we could tell that he was not a happy camper. That was enough to convince us that fishing was over for the day.

Keep up the good posts.

Tight lines, Chris