My first time to the LMF in OK. I was fishing with my brothers and my father. I had read about this water since I started fly fishing so off we went to investigate. We concentrated on the red zones - trophy areas and primarily fly fishermen. It was very busy on Friday when we got in and crazy busy on Saturday. I was not prepared for the amount of traffic this stretch of water received.

Above my position:

Below my position:

And my nice trophy - shy of 20" (by the measure net)

Now don't take my comments on the crowds in itself as complaining - the renovation of this stretch of water (Evening Hole) was amazing and its success drives visitors (we were there)

I was more irritated by people moving in so close you couldn't fish. This happened to my brothers after they caught a few fish. I just picked stretch of still water that people were trying for a moment and leaving. Also, seems to be a lot of new fly fishers at this hole, since the access was easy and it is beautiful. Again, can't blame them. A lot of the fish are put down with all the splashing and your presentation had to be very good.

What I wouldn't give to have this all to myself.