I've finished a few rods thus far and definitely have the bug (I have three blanks on my bench waiting to be finished). I've decided to upgrade from using my father's 40 year old wrapping stand and drying rods via manual rotation to building my own motorized wrapper, dryer, and cork lathe. I went ahead and ordered a bunch of slow RPM motors from a surplus store (5 rpm, 40 rpm, 60 rpm) as well as I have an old bandsaw motor that does about 3500 rpm that I figure I can use for a cork lathe (as opposed to my drill). I was wondering if anyone had any insight on how to create some sort of jig to connect motors to a chuck to hold the blank in the case of the wrappers and dryers as well as to a spindle to hold the cork grip when turning? I have googled myself silly on the subject, and the best I can deduce is some sort of taped concoction that doesn't appear to be robust. Does anyone know of a well articulated instruction set for creating these things at home (as opposed to shelling out 100 bucks for one that consist of $3 of parts?) Any insight on what homemade chucks work best - PVC cap with foam, pvc with screws, etc? Any thoughts on the cork lathe would also be appreciated. If people want, I can try to record and publish instructions once the project is done. Thanks in advance.