I have a chance to buy a used Creek Company Sport pontoon boat for $75 and need some opinions from those of you with more experience in pontoons than I have, this is my first. It is three years old and has seen light use. The pontoons do not leak, but it has some rusting issues primarily on the clamp-on oar locks. While the rust is fairly significant on the oar locks, it does not appear to diminish their usability. There is also some light rusting in a few places on some of the frame welds but it is light and appears to be only cosmetic. The rusting has caused some staining of the yellow pontoon covers but I do not mind that if $75 is a good deal for this boat. Also, I see where Creek Company is discontinuiing this model and it can be purchased new for $189. On a math teachers salary, this is a significant price increase. I plan to use it during low flows on the Yakima River and on some of the lakes in the Yakima, WA area. I look forward to your input.