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    Default Oh Dear Me! Swap

    ***** Swap is Mailed *****

    My best friend just put an arrow through an incredible 12 point buck. So, heck, let's do a dear deer hair swap. Any part of the deer works. Bucktail. Belly. Forehead. Whatever. This is a homage to the regalist animals of the suburbs! A mid-November (after the season) deadline for entering, a mid-December deadline for getting those flies up to John G. White, Box 672, Clara City, MN 56222. SASE with the typical instructions for a swap. Only thing -- some dear deer must be a part of the fly. And I want 'em early enough to be a stocking stuffer! So, use your imagination! 12 tiers, 12 different flies. Have at it! JGW
    1. Zoo Cougar - White43 - TIED
    2. Bassman - Hopper RECEIVED
    3. wet fly guy - Thundercreek Streamer RECEIVED
    4. ibrb - Goddard Caddis RECEIVED
    5. chrisdindover - Clouser (Never Arrived)
    6. Danny Gober - Mouse (RECEIVED)
    7. Forest Dweller - TBD - RECEIVED
    8. bdesavage - #16 Mini Mac Varient RECEIVED
    9. johnniewalker - DROPPED
    10. scubatim - Little Rainbow Trout RECIEIVED
    11. nyfisherman - Deer Hair Beetle RECEIVED
    12. cholcomb13 - RECEIVED
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