Today I had a chance to cast a couple 2-handed rods, and I have to say it was an eye-opening experience. Despite my poor performance, I am intrigued by these long rods and all the wierd casts they can do. I think I will be hitting for some books and maybe a DVD on 2handed rods and spey casting.

There doesn't seem to be much info on FAOL about two-handers, other than a section on building them. Are any of you guys out there fans of the long rods? They seem to cost an arm and a leg, and I was wondering if anyone had experience with any of the less expensive lines of rods. (some Loomis, CND, Temple Fork, Redington, Orvis)

For someone like me who prefers a short, medium action rod, fishing for salmon and steelhead with a 14 footer would be a big jump. Anyone else out there enjoy 2-handers / spey casting? I'm a complete beginner at this, so if anyone has any tips on tackle selection or casting instruction, I'd love to hear em.


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