First, I found a Bikini Top on my trash walk today! LOL
Second, we have had an ongoing problem with kids going under a fence to come onto this property. I put cinder blocks chained to the fence to block their entry and last night they got heavy duty cutters and cut the chains and lock and smashed the cinder blocks. TODAY!, I went to a local Farm Store and bought a 5 gallon tub of Molasses and three bags of Chicken Manure. I mixed one bag of Chicken Manure with 5 gallons of Molasses (with my hands!) in a big plastic tub. I found a shopping cart and my neighbor helped push the concoction (manure & molasses) to the hole in the cyclone fence. I made a dam out of the broken cinder blocks and then I poured the M&M into the 4 ft area where the intruders come through. We sat on the porch to see what the kids would do and the sight and smell turned them away! YES! I want to thank the Lady at the Farm Store, for mentioning the Molasses, because it was the perfect "BINDER"