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    A week 1/2 ago, I posted a thread on my nylon furled leader, and that it had been sinking. I received numerous information of how to keep this leader afloat, but some of those comments also suggested that I use a furled leader made from thread (hopefully durable), because the thread version would accept a floatant more readily than nylon.
    My question now is where can I purchase a good furled leader that's made from thread? I've done a few searches on the web, but the only site that seems to offer thread leaders is located in the U.K.
    I know if I attempt to "make one myself" , It'd take me a while to perfect the technique, and to be honest, I don't want to wait that long!
    Any suggestions?

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    Well, I make them. Kathy Scott makes them. They can be purchased at FeatherCraft.com, although theirs also have a little metal ring attached to them -- I have no use for the ring.

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    I have been making thread furled leaders for the past ten years. Do an web search with my name and furled leaders or send me an email -jimcramer2sbcglobal.net

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    I have several of Jim Cramer's thread leaders, and LOVE THEM! And NB, they are durable as I got in at least 50 outings in three years on the first leader I bought from Jim. Just take care of them, and they will take care of you.


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    Robin Rhyne
    404 W. ErwinAve.,
    McKinney TX 75069
    972-658-1731 [url=http://www.robinscustomleadersandflies.com:c1901]www.robinscustomleadersandflies.com[/url:c1901]

    Robin makes some excellent thread furled leaders, sent me one to try and it's as good as or better than any others I have used, Robin is a nice chap too, well he sent me a free leader anyways.


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    Furled thread leaders are suprisingly durable, I have some that I have fished several seasons, changing only the tippet as it gets used up.

    It takes me about 10 minutes to make a leader and it doesn't really require any special skills, just understanding the concept and having a 'recipe' for how many strands you want in each section.

    The most time comsuming part is making a jig. You could probaly build a jig and make your first leader long before a commercially purchased leader arrived in the mail.

    My jig is a 8' long pine 1x6 board with holes drilled into it at various spacings. The holes receive 3/4" dia. dowels (cut from an old broom stick. It took me less than 30 minutes to build it.

    The following links have detailed 'how to'instructions, Henk's page (the last link) is where I got started...

    I do a few things differently from the above instructions...

    I use 3-4 thin rubber bands strung end to end for keeping tension on the strands. This allows me to work in a horizontal position. Using weights for tension requires that the jig be vertical, limiting the length of your leader to the ht. of your ceiling.

    I use a cordless variable speed reversible drill for the twisting. Hand spinning the weights just took too long.

    I use a collection of bent paper clips and coat hanger wire as 'hooks' because I'm too cheap to buy cup hooks and I had them handy.

    I don't bother with loops or rings at the ends. I just seal the threads with a drop of super glue each end to prevent un-raveling during construction and handeling. I use a double surgeons knot for attaching tippets, a blood knot for attaching the leader to a mono butt section already nail knotted to my fly line.(I use 3 turns at the furled threads, 5 turns at the mono butt,the odd number of turns compensates for the difference in bulk and the finished knot looks more balanced)

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    Jim sent me some of his leaders to give a try.

    They are really very good and I am hooked.
    They turnover great. The ones I got are the thread type.

    i don't plan to go back to standard setup
    on my general trout fishin. 3 to 6 wg
    I do look forward to trying out the one for 8wg he sent me also. He told me they were
    a 1st generation of his furled leaders.

    I use mucilin to keep them floating and
    it works well.

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    Thank you ALL for your posted replys. Much appreciated.

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