I would like to receive the collective wisdom of this board on a somewhat unusual question. Because of a major change in my health, I feel I need a new five weight, and I'd like to hear your advice on it.

The rod I have owned and used before my health change is a Sage SP 590-3 Graphite IV. It is a superb rod, but it casts best when the person on the handle end has good casting skills, and good timing and coordination.

A while ago I had a stroke, and I feel enough time has passed that my recuperation is about as good as it's going to get. My balance, timing, and coordination were affected, and I can no longer get the best out of the SP. One cast will be wonderful, but the next is awful. Maybe one or two casts out of ten are as good (i.e, well-timed) as they used to be. I'm afraid I need to go to a more forgiving rod.

I still cast fairly well with the St. Croix Legend Ultras I have in six and seven weights, and the Sage RPLXi in eight weight. All of them are more forgiving than the SP.

Any advice on what I should get for a new five weight? I would like to keep the price tag in the $300 range (my income isn't quite as healthy as it once was, too).

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, all!