I was talking to a friend that claimed he had recently talked to the William & Joseph people about the new products they will be introducing at the Denver retailer show. It sounds like they are coming out with quite a few new products. Wading boots, vests, etc. He also told me that they are coming out with a high end pair of waders for a midrange price. He said the WillyJ guys said they will not introduce products, unless they have features that are new to the market. He said they told him that they had been working on waders for 5 years but did not want to introduce them until they had dialed in the waders to be the best on the market and with features not seen before. They did not give him many details, but said they would be seam taped on the inside and outside and that they would not be the normal colors, and that the breathable material would be different than anything else. I will admit I am a big fan of WillyJ products and think they are very innovative, and their warranty cannot be beat, but what can you do to waders? I was planning on buying a new pair of waders, but I am tempted to wait and see what the hype is about. Has anybody heard anything about these new waders or the other products they are introducing? Do you think it is marketing hype or do you think they may really be coming out with something original. I thought companies tried to keep product info. quiet before the show. Thanks.