Labrador offers fantastic brook trout fishing.Depending on where you go, you may also get into some great landlocked salmon, pike or char fishing too. I fished Labrador last summer and Northern Quebec (Champdore) before that. One thing to consider is whether you prefer river or lake fishing. Some camps like Three Rivers offer river fishing while others (Igloo Lake Lodge)offer mostly lake fishing. It can all be on dry flies depending on when you go. Champdore has superb brook trout fishing but its better in August than in July. Other camps are the opposite. When you can go may influence where you go. Be sure to ask about timing. Don't go expecting to cast dry flies and find out you will be trolling streamers. Know what you are getting into and you will find the fishing can be almost beyond expectations. Last year, we went early and found big brookies chasing the suckers up small creeks during their spawning run. It was like rainbow fishing in Alaska.