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    I mentioned in a recent post,Of finding out about a new shop in my area.( And got a few PM's about it...) Well I spent some time today at that shop and I gotta say,I was very glad I did!

    The owner, Bruce, Is a nice, relaxed and Very knowledgeable guy!.Even left me and the Boy's to browse the shop...I like that when I visit a shop!

    A true student of the Penn's and other local water's...I will be buying some of his flies as money permit's.. To be "model's" for my own tying needs!!.

    I've been in a lot of shops around here over the year's and I gotta say I was throughly impressed with his version of what "Shop Flies" is....If your in the area of the Weikert Access to the Penn's..or anywhere for that matter on the penn's..Drop by!!! Even picked up a BEAUTIFUL Collins Barred Dun Hackle Cape!!!. I heard about it upon my return home and having to admit to the wife what I'd actually spent..(Was not the cape that jacked up the "Total price" as most cape prices go, This was very reasonable in price!!)....But, When the pickings are as sweet as this...I ain't walking away empty handed.

    Any who,I'm not affiliated with him or his shop..Never laid eyes on him or his shop till today...But I've perused his site quite a bit...Just a very happy and impressed customer!!! Here's a link.
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    Wish ya great fishing,Bill

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