Four of us from the Alpine Fly Fishers Club in Puyallup, WA had a good time in Albany at the Oregon Council FFF Fly Tyers & Casting Expo.

I was wearing my FAOL hat all day long for both days, sorry, but I never saw another FAOL?er there. Guess it was just too busy.

We got down there on Friday at around 10:30 AM. I took two classes that day and the rest of the time I was hanging around the silent auction and the raffle tables (didn't win anything there on Friday and only won one silent auction item). The rest of the time was spent talking to tyers from all over, that is fun, and talking to donors that Carl Johnson, President of the WSCFFF came up with for some very nice donations to our WSCFFF May 3 Conclave.

On Saturday, there were a lot more people there. I also took two classes that day. All of the silent auction tables were full of good stuff. I bought a ton of packets containing a lot of fly tying materials. I am placing them in our WSCFFF Conclave on May 3 in Ellensburg.

In the raffle section, they had come up with a neat gimmick, they had hourly drawings (that caused people to buy more tickets and place them in the tub every hour). I won two times, the first time was a nice selection of fly tying materials and the next time a few tying materials but also a fly box with some great looking salmon flies.

I also won a bunch of stuff in the silent auction tables that day. Most of it will find its way to the silent auction tables on May 3.

We had an uneventful trip back home that evening; the weather was good and the traffic not too heavy.

It was a good trip. Next year the Oregon event will be held on March 13 & 14. If you live in the northwest, mark those days on your calendar, it is well worth attending.

Larry ---sagefisher---