We've got about four weeks left indoors then we hit the water every Tuesday evening.

Every Tuesday evening starting Mid-April is basically a "Fish-in". We go to different locations throughout the state. If you haven't noticed we got a small one, but we have over 400 miles of publically available shore line.
It's all shore based fishing and we are usually mobile traveling to numerous spots in a night. Sandy beaches, rocky beaches, tidal rivers, tidal creeks, salt ponds, piers, and docks.

This week we had a fellow faol'er teach us how to make furled leaders and even offered to lend his furling board to us to try; thanks Mister RIRed.

We worked with a few fishers that brought their rods to play with balance and loading to make salt water casting less physically demanding.

We also tied some clam worms and shrimp flies along with some baitfish patterns. We went over dropper rigs playing with split shots, lead tips, and floats with floating lines to get desired fishing depths with salt water and salmon streamers and flies for stripers just as you would with nymphs and streamers for trout.