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Thread: Eeri Tribs OH Fishing Trip

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    Talking Eeri Tribs OH Fishing Trip

    (Sorry, that is supposed to say Eerie)

    Some folks have tossed around the idea of an Ohio Steelhead Fish-In in the past. Well, this aint that, but it's a start.

    We (Janus and myself) are not calling this a Fish-in or even a mini fish-in because it is not that organized and we don't want folks getting the idea that it will be something other than a bunch of guys and gals getting together for a good old fashioned fishing trip.

    Not sponsered. No FAOL banners, no perch dinners. No casting competitions or killer BBQ's (unless you really want to do).

    Just getting together to meet some fellow, friendly anglers, shoot the breeze and FISH!! The main purpose here is to fish, so we're stripping it down bare and offering a general invitation to all for a day of fishing. If you want to make a weekend out of it, then that's cool. But we are only really offering a Saturday fishing trip.

    Plans right now are for March 29th (we're hoping to get into the tail end of the steel and get a head start on some nice smallie fishing at the same time). We'll be fishing the Rocky River in Northern Ohio. Exact destination, and specific time: TBA. The purpose of this notice is just to let you great folks know about a semi-organized fishin venture. Now is your chance for a bunch of friends to get together in a very informal setting to fish together. You don't have to PM us or anything, but if you would like to, feel free and we'll be happy answer any questions you have.

    Date: 03/29/08
    Time: Early AM (Or whenever you want to show up)
    Place: Rocky River (specifics TBA)
    Food: Bring what you want. If you wanna share then cool, but don't feel obligated

    Thanks guys!

    *This will also be announced on OGF (Ohio Game Fishing) website.

    **This is in NO way intended to slander or speak ill of any concept, idea or content of any past, present or future FAOL Fish-In or those folks who either organized or participated in them or who plan to organize or particiapte in them.
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