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When I am traveling light I will use Flouro for all of my flies, dry or otherwise.

I was told by an Orvis salesman not to use Flouro on dries because it will sink them but I have found no difference even when I am using small dries. I've never actually found that a Flouro tippet really sinks at all; despite it's higher density I think the surface tension floats it.

Remember that the issue really isn't about a trout seeing the leader it is about eliminating drag and the smaller the tippet the less drag.
Andrew I think you nailed it on the head there. 5x - 7x flouro tippet will likely get held up by surface tension in flat "dry fly" type water. The heavier stuff may eventually break through the surface tension.

I often use G Max and Riverge in the small tippet sizes for small dry flies. Does it make a difference? Probably not, but when the fish are fussy, I like to think it may give me an edge.