I like your list. Brings back memories for me too. (thanx for the article JC)....

Some "progress" is good.

I remember one they had to stop a hockey game (Kamloops Rockets) so they could open the doors to let the cigarette smoke out, so the players could breath more easily.

Then again, ... I remember when you'd take off your hat while talking to a lady. Folks today don't even take off their sun glasses

Taking a commercial air liner was a wonderful and relaxing experience. Today, ... it's worse than rush hour in LA.

Supper was family time, ... not a biological obligation for fuel.

Gas was 0.495$ cdn/gal.

I suppose we follow the seasons here. Spring is when the salmon arrive (mid june), summer is when the Grisle and sea run trout start taking dries .... fall is when the leaves change color, ... and winter is when the river freezes over, ... hiding it's wonders 'till the next spring.

Christopher Chin, Jonquiere Quebec