Pretty much a beginner to fly fishing. I really enjoy it, and I've even caught some fish, which if you knew me you'd understand what an accomplishment in itself that is. Anyways the new Cabelas opened in Reno, and I went in to poke around. I have never fiddled arouond with higher end rods before. Well the ceilings in the fly fishing area are very high, and they give ample room to play with rods. So I did. Now I feel that it feels like I'm casting with a 2 X 4 and some string. So i've been looking into Sage Launch, and FLi, St. Croix Avid, TFO, and on and on and on. Now for the tough part, in your opinion what is the best rod for the money? I'm thinking a 4 or 5 weight in the 8 foot range, as my favorite water to date is a small, brushy lined creek. Lets say keep it under 300 dollars (much closer to 200) as I am a humble public servant. Thanks in advance.