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I am always surprised at how intolerant fishers are of people that do not fish the same way they do, but then we?ll complain when too many people are fishing the same way and the water starts getting ?crowded?.
I have to chuckle because of how true that statement is. I used to frequent a website BB that preached the gospel of slinging bait and fish eggs as THE way to catch big numbers (10, 20, 30+ fish per day) of steelhead trout in our area. Well, after thumping their chests long enough and posting vast numbers of pictures of their silvery conquests (complete with their spinning and center pin rigs in plain view), enough people embraced their philosophy that before long the posts turned to "we should not post our conquests because of overcrowding on the local rivers." Well, Duhhhhh! They made it look so easy that of course many wannabe steelheaders came out in droves to participate in the "easy pickins" on the local rivers. Then the topic changed to lack of etiquette on the part of the newly hatched steelheaders, whom they sired and spawned with their own braggadocio.

Will we ever see FF tournaments like BASS? I seriously doubt it. FF'ers are still a niche market compared to all the other styles of fishing out there. The manufacturers will try to push for the tourneys to boost their sales, but I also believe it will be an uphill endeavor. Guess only time will tell.