This swap is for minnow impersonations of any size or pattern. Since swaps have really slowed down lately, I'm going to leave a lengthy sign up and a long time to get your flies tied. Duplicate flies are acceptable if the colors are changed, so be sure to add your colors when you sign up your pattern.

First 12 to speak for a spot gets one. Be creative with your materials. Signup is open until August 1 or until full. Please read the following, and follow the rules.

Have your 12 (*only 10 required*) flies to me no later than August 31. Tie them early if you need to, but don't be late. If they aren't on time, it isn't fair to the other swappers, and I will return them to you unless you coordinate in advance (I can make exceptions for reasonable delays due to unforeseen circumstances). Make sure you have toe tags on your flies (please include your FAOL handle, pattern name and recipe), return packaging and return postage (not metered) included with a crushproof container. I will PM shipping info when you sign up. As always, extras for the swap host are not required.

I'll open with a clouser.

1. ol' blue - skunk bunny (black/grizzly) - Completed
2. littlebassy - silver outcast (white yellow blue) - RECEIVED
3. bassman - clouser (white/black/blue) - RECEIVED
4. ibrb - maribou muddler (yellow) - RECEIVED
5. JRA - clouser (chartreuse/white) - RECEIVED
6. blaiseboy - black nosed dace - RECEIVED
7. ridgeliner - cats whisker (chartreuse/white) - RECEIVED
8. gigmaster - shaddio (bluegill) - RECEIVED
9. coyboyjohn - surf candy (grey/green/white) - RECEIVED
10. ladyflyfisher - HairyMara Minnow