I can definitley relate to Dave's transisition from the salt to the trout. I grew up fishing Rocky Mountain streams and high alpine lakes for native trout and honestly didn't know that anyone fly fished for anything else for quite a while! Well, much as Dave has changed his fishing passions due to relocation, so have I. Living in the midwest (although it still seems east to me!) I am quickly becoming a lover the various warm water species and the fly angling opportunites and differences here. In the passed 8 months I have only fished for trout 4 times, and one of those times was back home, so only 3 times here.

Honestly, before moving here all I could picture was sharing the water with a bunch of "rednecks and hillbillies" with no respect for nature (please note the quotation marks). I have been quickly educated to the contrary and after spending hours researching--especially here--and fishing for Blue Gill, Crappie and bass and even carp from time to time and now I can comfortably say that I am a Warm Water Weenie!

My point in this post is just to say that it seems that some anglers (certainly not all) have some prejudice towards a species or style of fly fishing and those who pursue that style. Living in the western US and fishing the Rockies, I was extremely prejudice toward anyone who didn't fish for the almighty trout (all trout species were acceptable though) and who in the world would want to waste their time fishing for BLUE GILL? I have been humbled and educated and I invite those of you who may have a similar feeling toward another facet of this wonderful way of life to TRY IT BEFORE YOU KNOCK IT! You might be surprised.

Great article Dave!

Can you relate or admit to becoming a Weenie you never saw coming?