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Thread: Stupid Pewters! Arrgghhh!

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    Default Stupid Pewters! Arrgghhh!

    Hey Folks,

    I had to do a destructive recovery (lost all files and addresses) after a crash
    on Friday. I had a lot of addresses of folks that I really hate to lose. The
    pewter is fully recovered and running sweetly now. I'd love it if you folks
    would just click on my addy and hit send. Then I could put you back in my
    address book. Especially those who might be waiting for flies or info, please
    give a shout.*G* Warm regards, Jim


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    Default Re: Stupid Pewters! Arrgghhh!

    Good to hear it was not you who crashed! Were still here and glad to see so are you.

    Trout don't live in ugly places...oh gee, that's someone else's signature....I'm getting old Jim.

    You all come back ya hear? Jonezee

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