A trout fisherman from Colorado told me they add up the total length of the "small" trout they catch. "I caught 38 inches of trout today"
Well I caught 33 feet, 4 inches of peacock bass in three hours.
( 50 peacock bass x 8 inches each) Check my math!

They were around any brush and log that was along the shore. I also found them in the very shallow water on the muddy points. They were striking any small streamer fly I tossed at them. You just have to fish it FAST. I also caught tiny largemouth and some red devils. I tried lures, and caught a few on the small 2" Pinn's Minnow.... but the fastest action was with small streamer flys.
There were a few larger fish, 2 pounds or so, that chased the fly but wouldn't take it.

Saw lots of larger fish that were just not interested in anything. With the rising water levels I guess any peacock bass that are still spawning were too deep to spot.
Water visibility was 3 or 4 feet.
Picture of one of my "larger" fish.