That's OK Lotech, I have horses, but I drive them, I don't ride them. I suppose since I'm not in the west I would be pictured with a top hat. I don't have one but I do have an Austrian cowboy hat. Our horse's are Haflinger's, they origonated from Austria, my wife went over 4 years ago and bought a little filly we named Lizbeth and shipped her here to Michigan. I do wear a pair of Justin Ropers and my lower part is kept decent with a faded pair of Wrangler jeans....I suppose if you don't look like you belong in a Charlie Russel painting, you can't wear a cowboy hat? Well, it would be fine with me if you wore one.....I also have a Stetson Straw is old and still does the job. My motto, if you got it, wear it. I still prefer the long bill baseball cap for fishing however.