Nice story.
I for one can vouch for Chris' sincerity and what he carries. I've seen the inside of his truck and it is filled with one or more of everything. He is also one of the most conscious embassadors for his region and for fly fishing. I've seen him talk up visitors and point out where fish could be seen. Way to go.

Saturday I am doing something similar. I am taking a young woman and spending half a day with her to getr her started on fishing. We'll start with basic info, teach her some casting and end up with some fishing. My goal is to get her hooked on fly fishing. So far its only cost me about $70 to do this. Had to buy her some waders to use. I like having a spare pair around and I'll need them again for Memorial day when I have another person to hook. In between those days I have 3 classes where I help teach general fishing (bait, lure and just a touch of fly).

I've caught alot of fish in my time so another 12" trout or whatever is nice but not really as nice as seeing someone catch their first fish or their largest or first trout.

Last summer my nephew went out with me. He had gone with his mom and caught very little. I gave him some general pointers as to where to find fish and he actually caught one. When he came up and we went out together at the end of the day he said "I've caught more fish today than in my whole entire life". Now that made me feel good.

I do believe that what goes around comes around. To that end I've been fishing with Chris who gave me a day of guided fishing and all the food I could eat. With Josko several times on his boat, with Kirk_A on his boat and with others on foot.

I should also give thanks to Dave who is one of the old masters of the Millers River. We got to talking and he told me about 3 great spots on that river and how to fish them and when. Made me an instant expert on that stretch of water. He could have held back but did not. He is old now and can no longer wade. I hope to get him out in a drift boat one day and give him a chance to fish those waters again.

As Chris said, what about you?