I spent Friday afternoon fishing a new pond with my father in law. He had found it behind the mall here when his wife was tanning and decided to give it a shot. His first trip there he caught 11 LM's that were in the 2 to 3lb range. I didn't beleive him so I asked him to show me. Friday produced similar results for him including 4 in a row and one 5 to 6lber that got off. I put a measly three fish to his 15 or 20 in about 2 hours of fishing. Two of mine were sunfish (that were personal best sunfish for me which was exciting) and one was a decent 2 lb LM. I caught both sunfish on a Halloween bugger (first fly I tied this season!) and the bass came on a blue gill imitation-clouser style. My father in law was fishing with a black and chart. rubber (or is it plastic) worm. He was absolutley killing them. I tried similar colors in clousers and buggers but they just weren't going for it. What a disappointing day for me! Plus I'm trying to convert him to the celestial-style of fishing (aka fly fishing) and this day did not help.

My question is this: Have any of you ever seen or tied a fly that matches a rubber worm? I'm especially concerned about size here. Even my 1/0 flies aren't as long as those worms. I think that size it what really made the difference here, b/c I had the colors right on. Thanks for your help!!