Hi all,

The subject of poppers has come up some, and I like to fish poppers. Casting a tiny popper with a fly rod, seeing it on the water, and watching a bluegill blast it is a hoot! Especially very small bluegill poppers.

My first fish was nearly 50 years ago, a bluegill, on a tiny popper that was my cousins. I would guess red and white, and probably a #12 or #14. The body was probalby 1/8" or 3/16" in diameter, and about that long. The front and back of the body were cut on the slant, they were not at right angles to the length of the body.

Questions are: 1. what are your favorite colors and sizes of poppers, and 2. what were the most popular colors and sizes of poppers long ago?

My favorite popper is a #12, and in chartreuse. I think the classic poppers were most common in: red and white, yellow, and black.

The little bitty ones, like my cousins were very neat, and I haven't seen ones like them in years and years.