The problem with a subject like this is the first liar doesn't have a chance.

However, there is nothing like sitting in the dark, in the front of your jon boat in a north MS lake, most of which have a health population of cottonmouths, which see well in the dark and noticing your feet are getting wet. Do not even bother trying to use the trolling motor, grab a paddle and get to the bank. It has only happened once, SO FAR.

A friend in Muscle Shoals, AL had his fishing partner's pickup sink launching his bass boat. The box on the compact pickup floated the truck, the boat and trailer pulled it into the river. My friend climbed out the window. So be careful launching your large boat with a small vehicle.

Have a good weekend. The bream should be on the bed, my little 3 wt. has a clean line, neither my wader nor my float tube leaked last week so life is good. See you in church Sunday morning, Cedar Creek park Sunday afternoon.