Just got back from a bit of a snoop up north. Eyeballed the Smith, the Mad, Redwood Cr, Chetco....well, you get the idea.
Cannot remember seeing soooo much of the bottom of the Mad at this time of year! The Smith, as always, was extremely gorgeous. Even Redwood Cr. had a bit of a line up below the bridge. ALL the water we passed this w/e was beautiful.
Mostly we took the girls fr a snoop, as they have not been to this water. Very little string tossing on this trip.
Only had one fish roll up under the bug and we flat missed him!
It was a GRAND weekend and Judy got to learn some "where" and "why's" as she spotted her first holding fish.
All the water seemed way low and gin clear, keeping a lot of pressure away. The water is simply beautiful and just right.
......lee s.