I'm a fair to middlin' caster. I'm not going to cast 100'. I can control my cast out to between 50 and 60 feet. Then it gets ugly. I could teach someone to cast, but it's a do as I say not at I do proposition. I've never been able to completely break the habit, after 45 years of spin fishing, of breaking/snapping my wrist when I cast. The roll cast I learned early because of the streams I fish on have low hanging trees. I cast side arm at times. I've learned that I can use my back cast as a forward cast. As I've gotten older and my back gets in the way of standing for long periods of time I learned to cast sitting on a large streamside boulder or bench and from the seat of a boat. Like jcampbell, I don't see the need for long casts in fresh water or salt water for that matter.