Hey, it's been awhile since I've been here; being a full time student has its drawbacks.

I went fishing the other day and noticed I was running low on strike indicators. I only use the toothpick-in-foam (or the rubber tube-in-foam variety) if I'm not using a dry fly as my indicator. I saw a pack of like 500 or 1000 on the internet selling for like $10 or $20 awhile back. (I think I found the link to the site on this site somewhere) I hate buying these by 3's or 6's, because I can never seem to have enough of them. I prefer the smallest, round, green type of these indicators. (I know they sell them at a shop up near Lake Taneycomo.) It doesn't matter if they have slits cut in them or not, because I just cut my own slits in them if the don't have them using a tool I made out of a dowel rod and a coping saw blade.
Just wondering if anyone buys them large amounts or has heard of such a thing. If so, please post a link.