Anyone tying using those little bitty seed beads? I've been getting mine from the local craft stores for less than $5 for 10 gazillion of the little things. So rather than store a lifetime supply of every color, I am going to see if anyone wants to participate in a swap.
Let's do it like this. Include 1 dozen seed beads for each person in the swap (8 dozen total). First 8 people to sign up get a spot. Signup closes on Dec 20. In return for your 96 identical beads, you will end up with 1 dozen each of 8 varieties of beads.
Have your beads to me with return packaging/postage (no metered mail) no later than Jan 5. Include some sort of container/packaging for your beads to come home in. I don't think you want them loose in your envelope. Be sure to post what type of bead you are swapping when you sign up. That way we can avoid duplicates.
Any seed bead will do. Clear, opaque, glass, plastic, colored or metallic.

1. ol'blue - silver opaque
2. cholcomb13 - yellow - RECEIVED
3. ckhanna - red - RECEIVED
4. adamtn - clear
5. malevo - green clear - RECEIVED
6. kaboom1 - pearl green - RECEIVED