I went fishing on Sunday to take advantage of unseasonably warm weather, and decided to try a PT nymph under a strike indicator (poly yarn). FYI, I don't have much experience with nymphs or strike indicators, so I simply attached the indicator following the directions on the package (similar to those below).

"Highly visible poly yarn easily attaches to your leader by loop for adjustable depth. Since they are reusable, they are economical. They can also be treated with floatant for a higher ride in the water."

Unlike the directions on the web site (see above) the package did not mention applying floatant, and I did not think of it. Well, the indicator sank like a stone. I just removed the indicator and tied on a tandom rig of a Stimulator (for an indicator) and a PT nymph off of the hook bend.

Did I do something wrong, or are these things junk?