still looking for a solid 3# rod that i can pack into the backcountry. i'm liking a rod in the 7'0" length with a med-fast action. i've tried a TFO 3# 4x 7'6" Profesional Series and liked it for it's crazy good accuracy, but had a time getting it to cast like that consistently. plus, it was too soft for my tastes. good rod, tho, if you're into medium actions. other than that, i haven't found anyone that has a 7-foot, 3# rod i can test. so, can anyone tell me what the Redington Wayfarer 7'0" 5x taper is? does it flex all the way to the cork or does it have a stiffer lower end and supple tip? i know i'm asking a lot from a 3#, but i have my likes. eh. how bout a Scott A2 7'6"? Echo 7'6"?

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